Carla and Riccardo are two special guys for me. I first met Carla by video call, as they live in London for work.

She was looking for a wedding photographer who was spontaneous and in line with the country style she wanted to set up the wedding with.

Knowing the location, Il Trappetello, and the area of ​​Monopoli, where they would been married, it came natural for me to give tips on how we could

were able to make perfect wedding photos!

2021 09 09 585 riccardo carla vitocampanellifoto hd

Riccardo also participated in the following videocall, slowly we got to know each other and build a strong bond with both of us.

With all the couples who choose me I try to establish a friendship relationship before marriage, this allows me to better understand their needs

and to be at the wedding day not only as their photographer, but like a friend who is there with them that day, since I will accompany them

throughout the day, and this allows them to be calmer and feel at ease even in front of the camera.

2021 09 09 535 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

In the following months we got to see each other in person for an aperitif and to organize the wedding, having already spoken several times

it was as if we had known each other forever. Three days before the date we also organized a couple session in the Polignano a Mare countryside,

in order to make them feel safe and pampered. As always, in these situations we start with anxiety and end up having fun!

2021 09 09 557 riccardo carla vitocampanellifoto hd

When their day arrived I followed Carla from the getting ready, I was involved too, the bond with Carla and Riccardo is very strong,

as often happens the emotions have poured all together!

2021 09 09 073 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

2021 09 09 061 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

2021 09 09 250 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

For their religious ceremony Carla and Riccardo chose the church of Santa Teresa, in the historic center of Monopoli, which has highlighted the beauty of this wonderful wedding reportage.

2021 09 09 304 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

2021 09 09 327 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

2021 09 09 448 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

After the ritual and leaving the church we took some photos in the old town of Monopoli and in a field of olive trees along the way,

2021 09 09 499 Riccardo Carla VitoCampanelliFoto HD

2021 09 09 603 riccardo carla vitocampanellifoto hd

and then we go to the venue, Il Trappetello, where their party started!

2021 09 09 634 riccardo carla vitocampanellifoto hd

2021 09 09 698 riccardo carla vitocampanellifoto hd

2021 09 09 733 riccardo carla vitocampanellifoto hd

For me it was a privilege to have met Carla and Riccardo, I never imagined that from being perfect strangers, now there is a friendship so strong

that it still lasts after their marriage! I am really grateful to my work that allows me to get to know such beautiful and genuine people!

But now I leave you the pleasure of enjoy their love story...

Couple: Carla & Riccardo
Location: Il Trappetello
Hair Stylist: Michele Campione Parrucchieri
Bride Dress: Nicole Milano
Groom Suite: 1911 Lubiam Cerimonia
Flowers Designer: Fioreria Fleurs
Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom Shoes: Principe di Milano
Band, Music, DJ: Rubber Soul
Wedding Favor: DLM bomboniere
Wedding Rings and Jewerly: Atelier Dell'oro