I am pleased to introduce you Marta and Dominik, she of Roman origins, he German.

Marta is a wedding dress designer who produces by herself and thanks to this we met years ago.

It was 2018 when on Facebook I read an ad from a girl who was looking for a photographer to help her

create a shooting with a wedding dress for her company, in Cisternino, in Puglia. That girl was Marta.

048 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

I replied to that announcement and we interfaced with Marta to better organize this shooting. Arrived on designated day,

I made both backstage photos and the shooting in the historic center of Cisternino, a beautiful town

in the heart of Valle D'Itria, in Puglia. His partner Dominik was also present that day and assisted us in all phases.

At the end of the day we said goodbye and a few days later I delivered the work with great satisfaction on both sides.

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444 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

A year later, I receive a message from Marta. Imagine my joy when she tells me that she and Dominik

they had had a beautiful baby girl and that when we had done the photoshoot the year before she was pregnant without knowing it.

A very sweet thought indeed. But the good news didn't end there; in that message Marta writes me that they were now organizing

their wedding in Italy and that the only certainty they had was me as their wedding photographer!

Believe me, for a professional wedding photographer this is one of the most beautiful messages that one can receive! I was over the moon!

129 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

131 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

The wedding was being organized in Umbria in a beautiful castle, the castle of Rosciano! Getting married in a castle definitely is

very romantic, the dream for a couple like Marta and Dominik.

Try to imagine immersing yourself in a medieval atmosphere for a day and living the fairy tale of being queen and king of the day.

The Rosciano's Castle was the perfect setting for their civil wedding, which took place in the Benedictine church

overlooks the castle courtyard.

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148 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

302 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

The day was rainy, but that didn't stop the warmth and love of this beautiful couple. Even though some difficulty

everything went perfectly and bride, groom and all the guests had fun and made the wedding party of Marta and Dominik

a day to remember!

335 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

416 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

584 Dominik Marta VitoCampanelliFoto HD

Enjoy their beautiful day by browsing the gallery below...

Couple: Marta & Dominik
Location: Rosciano's Castle (Torgiano)
Make Up Artist: Marianna Manco
Bride Dress: Sartoria Lo Mele
Groom Suite: Götter&Gatten
Flowers Designer: Studio Arte Fiori
Bride Shoes: Estradà
Wedding Rings and Jewerly: GOLD*STAR, Pentling